Further Reading

Further Reading

Things that Shatter: A Memoir. Winner of the 2019 Daybreak Press Book Award for Best Non-fiction Biography/Memoir, Things That Shatter is a “superbly written… honest, gritty… page-turner will have you either nodding sagely as you recall your own experiences or making a map of what to avoid – but either way you’ll be in awe of Kaighla, her son, and their journey.” Link to book
Ahmad, Sidrah. “I was pulled from sex ed class, did not learn about my body and was abused.” The Toronto Star. July 12, 2018. Link to article
Association of Muslim Chaplains. “Code of Ethics.” Link to code of ethics
Ansari, Zaynab Abdul-Razacq. “Blurred Lines: Women, “Celebrity” Shaykhs and Spiritual Abuse,” published online May 27, 2015. Link to article
Ansari, Zaynab Abdul-Razacq. “Drawing a Line in the Sand: Student-Teacher Relationships in the Digital Age,” published online May 30, 2015. Link to article
Daigle, Chelby. “Understanding Spiritual Abuse: an Interview with Salma Abugideiri,” Muslim Link, published online August 12, 2018. Link to article
Fadel, Mohammad. “Not all Marriages are Equal: Islamic Marriage, Temporary Marriage, Secret Marriage and Polygamous Marriage,” published online March 13, 2016. Link to article
FaithTrust Institute. “Abuse By Clergy FAQs.” Link to FAQs
Heart Women & Girls. “Let’s Talk about Sex: A Muslim Parents Guide to “the Talk” with their Kids.” Link to guide
Heart Women & Girls. “Talking to Kids about Sexual Violence: A Parent’s Guide for Age-Appropriate Conversations.” Link to guide

Heart Women & Girls and the Muslim American Women’s Policy Forum. “Removing Roadblocks: Examining Barriers to Justice & Healing to Build More Victim-Centric Services for Muslim Survivors of Sexual Assault. 2017.

Link to publication

Karamah -Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights. “What Do We Have to Hide? The Islamic Principle of “Satr” and Cultural Bias.”

Link to publication

Mattson, Ingrid. “Gender and Sexuality in Islamic Bioethics,” in Islamic Bioethics: Current Issues and Challenges. Ed. Alireza Bagheri and Khalid Alali. Intercultural Dialogue in Bioethics, vol. 2, 2017.


Shaikh, Ahmed. “The Ethics of Muslim Charisma: A Proposal for Leadership Standards,” published online October 18, 2017.

Link to publication

The Family and Youth Institute. The FYI Spiritual Abuse Toolkit.

Link to toolkit

The Threshold Society. “Ethics Agreement.”

Link to resource

Mushtaq, Samaiya. “On Power, Boundaries, and the Accountability of Imams.”

Link to article

Trauma-Informed Care.

Link to resource
In Shaykh’s Clothing – Overcoming Spiritual Abuse:  resources for identifying and overcoming spiritual abuse in the Muslim community. Link to resource