Hurma Project Guides

The following guides have been designed to serve as a resource to help you better understand and address concepts that include, but are not limited to: trauma triggers to sexual assault, abuse, harassment, gender-based violence.


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Mandated Reporting

The following guide will discuss the importance of mandated reporting, or “duty to report”, identifying child/youth abuse and trauma and how to report it.


Understanding Trauma Triggers

In the following posts, we dive deeper into what is a trauma trigger, trauma symptomology, what happens when someone is triggered, what is dissociation, our body response to trauma triggers, and how to identify triggers in children.

Image with sun in the left top corner, Hurma project log in the top middle, and underneath in a green outline around text: How to Care for Self Right now: During Public Exposure to Sexual Abuse. There are two diagonal shapes on the bottom, with a graphic of a stem with small leaves in the bottom right corner.

How to Care for Self:

During Public Exposure to Sexual Abuse

An increase in social media attention to individuals in positions of authority in the Muslim community can be triggering for individuals who have experienced harm in the community, or specifically, have been harmed by faith leaders. Here are some important ways to take care of yourself.