Season 1: Looking for Feedback

Season 1: Looking for Feedback

The Hurma Project Podcast is looking for your feedback

Looking for Feedback Transcription

Dr. Ingrid Mattson:

Assalamu alaykum, Hurma Project podcast listeners. This is Dr. Ingrid Mattson coming to you after our Ramadan hiatus, which turned out to be a Ramadan and Shawwal hiatus. So we pray that you enjoy that blessing month of prayer and fasting and prayer and the months to follow and that you are doing well. We wanted to let you know that we’re coming back next week with a new episode for season one of the Hurma Project podcast, and following that will be the final episode for this first season. And on that final episode, we’ll be looking back at some of the things that we’ve learned, but we’ve- we’d also liked to engage with some of your comments and questions for that final episode. Some of you have already sent us some comments through the email feature or the contact feature on the Hurma Project podcast- well actually it’s the Hurma Project website. So if you haven’t done that and you have some ideas for what you’d like us to cover in season two, which we’ll be recording this summer, please send in those comments. Or if you have just some feedback for us about how we’ve been doing, maybe you can let us know if this- if these podcasts have benefited you and your community in any way, if you’ve shared them with others, maybe you could let us know some of the concepts or ideas that you have found the most beneficial or applicable to your life and your community. So you can contact us again through that contact function on the Hurma Project website. You can also send us some comments by responding or sending a message to the Hurma Project Twitter account, or our Instagram account. So please do that within the next week or so and we look forward to engaging with you and then finishing up this season, one of the Hurma Project podcast. And then Mihad Fahmy and I will be going into a recording for season two over the summer, and inshallah will be releasing season two in the fall. Okay, so we’ll be back in touch next week inshaAllah.

Assalamu alaykum