Season 1. Ramadan Hiatus; Ramadan Mubarak!

Season 1. Ramadan Hiatus; Ramadan Mubarak!

The Hurma Project Podcast team wishes everyone a blessed Ramadan. We will be back after Eid inshaAllah.

Organizations mentioned (you can click on each organization to be taken to their webpage):

Peaceful Families Project

Heart: Heart to Grow

Face: Facing Abuse in Community Environments

Ramadan Hiatus Transcription

Dr. Ingrid Mattson: Ramadan Mubarak. This is Dr. Ingrid Mattson and I’m just letting you know that we will have a hiatus for Ramadan so that we can all focus this month inshaAllah on fasting and worship, all of ‘ibada. I pray that it is a very blessed month for all of you. I want to thank those who were our guests the last six weeks who just taught us so much. Mihad Fahmy and I really have learned so much, and I must say that I’ve really considered many practices that I’ve had as a teacher and how to improve, certainly, listening without judgment. I think that’s my number one goal for improvement as a teacher, to really hold that space for those who come to me for advice so that can really honor their experience and keep those channels of communication open.

As we enter this month of Ramadan, I know many of you will be thinking about paying your zakat and also paying sadaqah, so the wealth tax and charity. And alhumdullilah  we are very fortunate that because we have such generous funders in Pillars Fund and the Waraich Family Foundation that we are not in need of your funds at this time alhamdulillah. But there certainly are many service providers who could use your help. Where do those who have experienced spiritual abuse, exploitation, where do they go for help? Other many Muslim run organizations, many of them led by women who are providing that immediate support, Peaceful Families Project, Face: Facing Abuse in Community Environments are undertaking really important investigations, Heart: Heart to Grow, which does really necessary education in the community education and training and many other places. Please look locally for your shelter for women and children in particular domestic violence shelters because many of those who have experienced spiritual abuse are women who ended up having to leave their homes. So please have a look over at the charities that you give to and give some priority to those organizations that are supporting those who’s- who really need our community support and who are often the last on the list. I pray that all of you find ways to connect with others this Ramadan. I know it’s- it’s challenging for many people and as a reminder to myself and all of you. Please reach out more, you know, make those connections, think about the people who may be under lock down- pandemic lockdown at home, either alone and lonely or in a place, maybe with other people at home, but home is not that safe for them or that supportive. So let’s all remember to make those calls, reach out.

I ask Allah subhanallah wa ta’ala to let you experience all of the blessings of this great month, and we’ll see you after Eid inshaAllah. Assalamu alaykum.